All the streets of Gozo lead to Rabat, also known as Victoria. The Citadel of this location is visible from almost all of the island as it overlooks the whole surrounding area.

The Citadel of Gozo has its roots in the late medieval times, but the hilltop dates back to the Neolithic age. For a long time the Citadel served as a shelter against the attacks of the corsairs and the Saracens. Several times, over the centuries and in the history of Gozo, these predators led the local population into slavery.

After the Great Siege of 1565, the Knights decided to refurbish the Citadel to offer shelter and shelter from further attacks. Until 1637 the inhabitants of Gozo were legally obliged to spend their nights in the Citadel to protect their safety. In a later and no longer warlike era, this obligation was canceled and the population settled under the walls, creating the thriving Rabat city, now known as Victoria.

Victoria is not only the geographical heart of Gozo, but also the center of all day-to-day activities. Despite its fervor, however, this area perfectly combines the hustle and bustle of markets and shops with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It is worth dwelling on watching the islanders start their activities, especially at dawn, when the central market square, It-Tokk, begins to wake up.

Surprising amongst the market benches and the winding streets of Victoria, you will find everything from delicious fresh produce to cheeses and wines, from antiques to local crafts, from fishing nets to knitwear. The city also boasts a thriving cultural activity and promotes attractions ranging from lyrical opera to horse races, organized in the main avenue on holiday days.