Marsa Scirocco is a small fishing village, overlooking the sea, located in the extreme south-east of Malta. It is a small hamlet of amber houses that develops around a bay from the crystal blue sea.
A place of other times, here time seems to have stopped, the days are slow and relaxed. There is no traffic, no shopping malls, life goes smoothly and slowly, it breathes an atmosphere of total relaxation.
A group of old-fashioned people playing at the bar and discussing politics, fishermen who clean the nets at the seaside, and an elderly lady crocheting it: this is the scenario you will be facing when you arrive at Marsaxlokk.

In this quaint village there is an imposing church overlooking the sea. Its red dome attracts the attention of tourists immediately. This is the beautiful Church of Our Lady of Pompeii, which is celebrated on July 29th. But what distinguishes Marsaxlokk are the Luzzu: the boats with eyes that protect from misfortune. These island wooden boats, crafted in the bay, have become the symbol of Malta. The red, yellow, blue and green colors of these boats make this scenario unique. The eyes drawn on the bow, one by one, are the result of a millennial tradition. In fact, it is known that these decorations appeared in Greek and Phoenician ships and seem to refer to the eyes of Osiris and Horus.

Marsaxlokk is a seaside resort, famous for its fish market every Sunday. From early dawn until 2pm on all the seafront, the fishermen exhibit their catch on sale. It is not difficult to see large swords and swordfish that are cut at the moment. You can not miss local fish such as lampuki, sea bass, squirrels and squid. There are also many Maltese handicraft stalls, hand-painted glass, crochet hooks and tombolo work. And again, fresh fruit and vegetables, some souvenirs and lots of spices.
It is a somewhat folkloric market where merchants scream the price of products sold to attract customers’ attention.
Price negotiation is a rule, it is part of the local habits.