Mellieha, a town of about 7-8 thousand inhabitants, is located in the north part of Malta.
Despite being populated since prehistoric times, Mellieha was the scene of many incursions coming from the sea, precisely because of its geographic conformation, until the 17th century, when the Knights of Malta built defensive structures.
Later it was in the bay of Casal Mellea that in 1798 Napoleon decided to land to invade the whole island of Malta.

Urban development, however, began only in the 19th century when, at the beginning of the British protectorate, the whole area began to populate.
The bay below the village, Mellieħa Bay, is a renowned tourist resort with one of the largest beaches in the Maltese archipelago, the only one having low water for a hundred yards from the shore.

As a result, the area is equipped with many facilities, restaurants and hotels.
The town of Mellieha, situated on a plateau overlooking the sea, has a picturesque and very romantic landscape, a real wonder if you admire it in pairs!
It is appreciated not only for beaches but also for its history and culture.

For example there are two parish churches dedicated respectively to St. Joseph and the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary.
The Shrine of Our Lady, dating back to the sixteenth century, contains a rich collection of ex-vows, gifts and promises, as proof of the great devotion to the Virgin Mary.

It is a very suggestive spiritual place where you can meditate, as is the Red Tower of Sant’Agata, better known as Red Tower, for the red blood of its exterior walls, an impressive medieval fortress that rises high.

This tower dates back to 1649 when the Knights of Malta made this strong, equipped with soldiers and cannons, the main defense point of the northern part of Malta and then a tower of warning and sighting along with the White Tower. It is currently under Maltese military control.

Located just outside Mellieħa, in Anchor Bay, is Malta’s Popeye Village, a family entertainment park that features the Iron Armored Village, built to make the Popeye film set Robert Altman and played by Robin Williams in 1979. The reconstruction of the Iron Armed Fisherman’s Village, which is a collection of fake colored wooden houses, has been standing over the years and today is a very popular tourist attraction.