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Heli Fly Malta, in collaboration with Eurotech, is proud to offer its customers a Flight School.

The target of the Heli Fly and Eurotech flight school is the achievement of a private helicopter license  (PPL [H]) in accordance with EASA regulation [Reg. EU 1178-2011] Part-FCL. The license enables the student to act as a private pilot on single-engine helicopters, in non-commercial flights. After PPL the student, that wants to continue in a professional activity, can to complete his training course with CPL(H) and/or to add a new type rating of ones approved by ATO.


Private Pilot Licence PPL(H)
Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(H) integrated course
Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(H) modular course
Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(H) + IR(H) integrated course
Airline Transport Pilot Licence ATPL(H) [Theoretical Modular Course-Distance Learning]
Flight Instructors helicopters – F.I.(H)
Renewal F.I.(H) with [Refresher Seminar]
Night Rating (H)
Type Rating course and Renewal Robinson R22
Type Rating course and Renewal Robinson R44
Type Rating course, Difference training and Renewal Airbus AS350 
Type Rating course and Renewal Agusta A109 A/ AII/ C
Type Rating course and Renewal Agusta Westland AW109
Type Rating course and Renewal Agusta Bell/ Bell 206 B
Type Rating course and Renewal Airbus EC 120B
Type Rating course and Renewal Guimbal Cabrì G2

Training for license acquisition consists of a theoretical part and a practical part

Theoretical training

The theoretical training, for all courses, will be to do in accord with european regulation.   The Organisation shall provide each student with all the course material. Some courses will be done with interactive system or with distance laerning.

Flight training

The flight training will be done with Robinson R22 or, if you request, with other helicopters. The quantity mission training depend from type course, anyway, all courses are completed with the missions as request by european regulation.

Flight training must be booked 1 or 2 days in advance, with the possibility of flying during holidays, weather permitting.

Achieving CPL(H)

CPL(H) modular

Training for the attainment of the CPL license(H) consists of a theoretical part and a practical part.

As a result of the attainment of the  private patent PPL(H) and the achievement of 155 flight hours, you may undertake the course which includes 35 hours of flight with instructor and dedicated theoretical lessons.

Helicopters used for training are:  Robinson R22 Beta / Beta II.

CPL(H) integrated

The patent CPL(H) can be attained with only 135 flight hours.

Helicopters used for training are: Robinson R22 Beta / Beta II.

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The frequency and duration of training shall be agreed upon in accordance with the needs of the students.


Flights 7 days a week including holidays after booking.

Test flights for the duration of 20 minutes must also be pre-booked

Min. age: 16 y.o.


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